The Problem:

Educational Inequality Creates Economic Inequality

Unequal access to quality education creates economic
inequality, instability and violence


Our Solution:


We build sustainable, long-term solutions to educational inequality through partnering with high-resource institutions of excellence to create schools and programs that level the playing field, while challenging long-held attitudes about who really deserves quality education.

In countries like Kenya, about 40% of students lack adequate, or basic, reading skills by the time they complete eighth grade, interrupted schooling, untrained teachers and low quality curriculum programs are all factors. Within the United States, wealthy students are eight times more likely to get a bachelor’s degree by 24 than poor students. 


The problems are different, but the solution is the same: access to high-quality education, coupled with an equal distribution of resources, will every child the opportunity to succeed. These are fixable problems, these systems can easily be disrupted. Sunflower Global is dedicated to disrupting them.