About Us

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Our Mission

Sunflower Global is a social enterprise dedicated to providing high-quality education to vulnerable children throughout the world. Through leveraging the resources of high-performing private institutions, Sunflower Global builds high-quality schools, invests in girls education and leadership, and fight for institutional and policy change to create a more equitable and peaceful world.


Core Values

  • Diversity:

    • We promote and support diversity in national origin, gender, religion, ethnicity and thought. We honor and respect all, regardless of their background.
  • Integrity:

    • We acknowledge that the time is always right to do what is right and take action.
  • Pursuit of Knowledge:

    • We honor and support education and build opportunities for all students to create and pursue knowledge.
  • Compassion:

    • We strive to serve with an open heart, dedication and passion. We build communities and create love.

Our Vision

A world where all
children have the opportunity
to succeed.

Our Story Sunflower Global was co-founded in 2016 by Gianna Biaggi, of Sonoma, California, and Rukia Sebit, of Nairobi, Kenya, two women dedicated to building a more inclusive world for all children. Sunflower Global was incorporated as a non-profit organization in 2016, and has already received funding from the Kathryn McQuade Foundation, the Girls Rights Project, and four other foundations. In April 2017, Gianna Biaggi was awarded the Samuel Huntington Public Service Award, a national prize given annually to a college senior to pursue public service, on behalf of Sunflower Global.