Creating a More Equitable World Through Quality Education.

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We envision a world where all
children have the opportunity to live up
to their potential.


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Educating Vulnerable Children

Sunflower Global is dedicated to providing high-quality
education to all children, from our tallest to our smallest.

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Supporting Girls 

Through leadership initiatives, such as exchange and exposure programs for girls and youngwomen, Sunflower Global is catapulting girls and young women into leadership positions.

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Advocating for Equality

Sunflower Global is building a more equitable and just world through
advocating for equity in education, through a more equal distribution
of tools, resources and programs for all students.

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Building A More Just World

High-quality education is our tool to make the world a more fair and just
place. We emphasize fairness, justice and equality in all of our work.

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Investing in Girls
and Young Women.

Through emphasizing exchange, exposure
and leadership development in girls and
young women, we are dedicated to building
the next generation of female leaders,
with the education, passion and drive to change the world.

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Fighting For Change.

At Sunflower Global, we believe that every child has the right to high-quality education regardless of country of birth, national origin, religion or gender. We are actively building
this world through our three approaches
to equity: building high-quality primary and secondary schools, investing in girls through education and leadership initiatives, and advocating for equality through institutional and policy changes that advance the education of all children.

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